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Purpose life design

Here is where you dream big, imagine wildly and take ownership of your journey. Together, we strip away the pressures of needing a fixed plan and mastering the work-life balancing act, which can sometimes feel overwhelming.
If you’ve been feeling a bit stuck, stand at a crossroad, or simply want to reflect on how to journey towards where you want to grow. For students, recent graduates, professionals and anyone in between.


Below is a quick outline of the three steps included in phase 01: Formulation. Phase 02 and 03 (Implementation and Accountability) would vary according to your needs.

Step 1: Understand

Understanding about the concepts behind this workshop and how we disregard the idea of having a work-life balance, and instead invite the notion of a work-life cycle.

Here, you will be given some pre-workshop tasks that require some reflection for us to get the most out of our session. 

Step 2: Integrate

Integrating the concept into an immersive experience. This four hour workshop is curated in a way that makes room for you to visualise a version of life with wild possibilities, more intention and purpose.

Together we will co-create a long- and short-term life map to begin identifying your sweet spots, which is essentially where your purpose lies. All you have to do is show up, honestly and openly.

Step 3: Formulate

Formulating your big dreams and capturing the essence of our session together into a life map.

Here, we will draw out sweet spots and celebrate your authentic nature. We will support you in journeying towards a more purpose-driven routine by taking your big picture dreams and breaking them down into achievable, intentional and short-term goals. We provide you with a timeline overview, priority areas and next steps.

We invite you to embrace flexibility and adaptability to enhance the experience.