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Getting comfy with sustainability

A woman sitting down on a carpet in green trousers

We’re Cosie Studio, a co-creative change agency designing purpose and sustainably driven solutions for you and your business. 

Our aim is to create sustainable solutions that are systemic, accessible, actionable and measurable.

We help individuals and businesses to connect to your purpose to start driving decisions from this place, with the aim of achieving more sustainable outcomes, while gaining competitive advantage.

A closeup of two women hugging
A closeup of two women hugging

It's time to
Cosie up

Cosie stands for co-creative, sustainable, ideas and endeavours. 

We’re on a mission to co-create solutions with you and alongside you, tailor made for you.

We work in non-linear phases that rely on feedback loops while creating space for flexibility. Our approach allows us to think in systems while being adaptive to change. 



Here is where we take the time to listen and understand you and your needs. 

Through a series of sessions together, we formulate co-created solutions and structure them into an action plan with clear next steps and measurable outcomes. 



Here is where we put the formulated solutions and their plans into action. 

We support in setting you up for your plans to be executed and easily managed. How much we support you in this phase is according to your needs and is something that we decide together.



Here is where we create space to remain accountable to the solutions and plans that we co-created together. 

We support you in tracking, measuring, reflecting and adapting the solutions and plans according to the current state of your organisation’s progress.

I honestly love working with Tammy! From diving deep -having personal chats where one opens up during dream mapping sessions- to setting intentions and building a whole professional business canvas. Tammy creates this unique, safe space where magic happens. I leave every session motivated and energised!
Founder of Hajja
Through Tammy’s engaging workshops & in depth knowledge of branding & sustainability, we designed a purpose driven brand that I’m truly aligned with. She listened to my vision & challenged my ideas, helping to take concept to the next level. I really feel that she was as passionate & excited about the brand as I was, giving me the confidence in her & in us as a team.
Founder of Maison Souk & YG Designs
Yasmine Grech
Creative, caring, innovative and passionate are a few words to describe Tammy and the work she produces. She guided me from the ground up and helped establish my brand - bringing out my best potential while nurturing my vision. She continues to educate me & guide me through the world of sustainability in business in an easy and effective way to understand. The love and care Tammy puts into her work reflects her as a person. She is a dedicated brand developer and a continuous mentor.
Founder of Alaria
Rebecca Pisani
The thorough focus on sustainability as part of the brand building and the in-depth insights is what helped us create and grow as a brand. Tammy offered us a tailored strategy report that has been crucial to the developing of the brand, she sat with us to understand where we were coming from and what we wanted to achieve and turned it into life. It was a pleasure having her work with our team.
Founders of vivi
Sue & Wayne Satariano


To co-exist in a world with more sustainability and purpose. Where working culture is defined by collaboration and businesses work in the shared interest of creating positive impact, while thriving socially, environmentally and economically.