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Getting comfy with sustainability

A woman sitting down on a carpet in green trousers

Cosie is a creative change agency helping you integrate sustainability and purpose into your business or brand.

Whatever your starting point, we work with you to design sustainable pathways in simple, actionable, measurable steps.

Any entrepreneur or small business owner wanting to build a sustainable brand or integrate sustainability into their existing one from product, operations to communications. We tailor our process to you and your requirements.

A closeup of two women hugging
A closeup of two women hugging

It's time to
Cosie up

Our mission is to make sustainability accessible to entrepreneurs and small businesses owners from various sectors and industries, activating an ecosystem of positive change and impact, from the ground up.

Rather than quick fixes or one-size-fits-all solutions, we help you integrate sustainability in the roots of your brand, to encourage meaningful and lasting impact. We act as advisors and partners, equipping you with the knowledge, tools and insights most relevant to you to begin and scale up your journey in sustainability.



We start by taking the time to hear from you, understanding your specific requirements, ideas and goals.

In a series of sessions, we co-create solutions and structure them into an action plan with clear next steps and measurable outcomes.



Here is where we put the formulated solutions and their plans into action.

Depending on your needs, we’ll decide what level of support is appropriate for you to execute and manage your plans with ease.



Plans have been implemented, what happens next? We build a framework to stay in check with the actions and solutions we’ve created together.

We support you in tracking, measuring, reflecting and adapting the solutions and plans according to your organisation’s progress.

I honestly love working with Tammy! From diving deep -having personal chats where one opens up during dream mapping sessions- to setting intentions and building a whole professional business canvas. Tammy creates this unique, safe space where magic happens. I leave every session motivated and energised!
Founder of Hajja
Creative, caring, innovative and passionate are a few words to describe Tammy and the work she produces. She guided me from the ground up and helped establish my brand - bringing out my best potential while nurturing my vision. She continues to educate me & guide me through the world of sustainability in business in an easy and effective way to understand. The love and care Tammy puts into her work reflects her as a person. She is a dedicated brand developer and a continuous mentor.
Founder of Alaria
Rebecca Pisani
It was great working with Cosie Studio. Tammy was a pleasure to work with and guided us in bringing out our ideas and plans in a structured way, while helping us make sense of what we wish to do, how to communicate it and where to focus. Her skills in design thinking, strategizing and brand ideation are extremely valuable for any company or organisation wanting to take things to the next leve
CEO, Academy of Givers
Louisa Attard
The thorough focus on sustainability as part of the brand building and the in-depth insights is what helped us create and grow as a brand. Tammy offered us a tailored strategy report that has been crucial to the developing of the brand, she sat with us to understand where we were coming from and what we wanted to achieve and turned it into life. It was a pleasure having her work with our team.
Founders of vivi
Sue & Wayne Satariano
Through Tammy’s engaging workshops & in depth knowledge of branding & sustainability, we designed a purpose driven brand that I’m truly aligned with. She listened to my vision & challenged my ideas, helping to take concept to the next level. I really feel that she was as passionate & excited about the brand as I was, giving me the confidence in her & in us as a team.
Founder of Maison Souk & YG Designs
Yasmine Grech
Tammy was amazing! I am starting a brand from 0 and the main challenge is that I want it to be as sustainable as possible.I have been researching for years about this topic and still was as lost and overwhelmed (if not even more) as the first day. During my sessions with Cosie I learned so much! everything started to make more sense and became much clearer, a path I could follow. I am very happy I decided to partner with Cosie on this, I still have a very long way to go but now I have a much
Founder of Hand my Paw
Gabriela Permetei


To live, create and collaborate in a world rooted in sustainability and purpose. A world where businesses operate with the shared interest of creating positive impact - thriving socially, environmentally and economically.