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About Cosie

We consider ourselves a co-creative agency, activating positive change by merging sustainability with eye-catching visuals.

Beneath all the cosy layers, we are problem solvers and soulful supporters, guiding you through every step of your sustainable journey.

We advise, we don't consult.

How do we work?

We equip and empower you with personalised tools and knowledge. We support and guide you in communicating sustainability in an honest, creative and desirable way. We give special attention to working with integrative methods across all our services, to encourage growth and learning.

Our aim is to implement sustainability from the inside out, focusing on equipping you and your team with the knowledge and tools needed to support you along your sustainable journey.

We're not the top down approach kind of studio. We are here to empower you and your team to make your own decisions and necessary changes.

Creating strong and desirable narratives is key. So far sustainability has been communicated in a very green and bland way. We make complex issues clear and visually engaging.

We focus on providing accessible solutions without downplaying the reality and urgency of the climate crisis, using communications to activate changemakers.

Integrating different methods and tools that support our well-being from diverse perspectives and schools of thought.

We fully believe that there is no point in supporting you to build a sustainable business, roadmap or campaign, if we aren’t also addressing, what we like to call, self-sustainability. We give great value to the holistic wellbeing of the people that make up the wider system.

We are all about co-creation and working collaboratively with others. While we have our small core team, we also work alongside a diverse community of freelance creators who share our same values.
Tamara Fenech

Tamara Fenech

Founder AKA Strategic Soundboard. Tamara has lived abroad for over ten years, spending time in the UK, India, Bali, Berlin. She is fuelled by passion and feels most inspired by positive disruption, community and people power. Driven by people’s ability to get together and create innovative solutions and is committed to creating and facilitating the space for that to happen. Tamara tries to take  every opportunity as a learning experience. Besides her formal education, where she completed a  Masters degree in Sustainability in Fashion, gained a certificate in Sustainable Business with Cambridge University and a certificate in Design Thinking, to name a few,  her most valued lessons were learnt during her time living and working abroad. Today, Tamara is based between Malta and Berlin with solid networks of expressive creatives, authentic thinkers and unconventional path makers in both places.