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Our manifesto

We don't strive for perfection because it doesn’t exist.

We work towards progress, trying our best to embrace and enjoy the process.

We nurture curiosity and practice having a beginner's mindset, just like that of a child experiencing the world — it makes us better adults.

We are afraid of being vulnerable, but we feel the fear and choose it anyway. It opens doors that lead us outside of our comfort zone. Before we know it, the unknown has become the known. 

We live cyclically because we acknowledge how the natural world is made up of circular motions. Whenever we feel stuck, this reminds us that impermanence is the only permanent.

We embrace learning and unlearning because we believe that change starts from ourselves. Our work is beyond our individual selves, it is about the collective and the connection that comes with it.

We are scared of failing, but we try to embrace it. Failure is our biggest teacher, which transforms our lowest lows into our biggest successes.

Taking life too seriously isn’t for us. We love what we do and while our aim is to support others, we don’t forget to have a little fun in the process.