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Cosie Dictionary


co-creative, sustainable, ideas & endeavours


Understanding why we do what we do. Putting intention into what we are doing, while aiming to leave a positive impact through our endeavours and ideas. Sustainability and purpose go hand in hand.

Change Agency

An agency designed to champion positive change within its ecosystem & beyond, while supporting others to get in touch with their potential & activating the change agent in them.

Change Agent

Individuals who champion positive change within their eco system. Change agents promote new ways of doing things for the betterment that eco system, while actings as thought leaders in the way that they influence.

Integrative Insights

Getting in touch with the capacity to gain a deep understanding of self and others. Focusing on wellness and well-being within the work environment. Such insights could look like meditations, breathing exercises, mindful movement and more.


Taking the time to build awareness for empathy towards one's self, and how nurture your individual sustainability in order to remain in alignment and avoid burning out.