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Brand ideation

Here is where we will consider your big ideas, connect them to a clear purpose and co-create a concept to share with the world.
If you’re a new brand who wants to enter into the market or an existing brand who wants to reflect, rebrand or restructure with the hopes of creating more positive impact through your purpose driven business model.


Below is a quick outline of the three steps included in phase 01: Formulation. Phase 02 and 03 (Implementation and Accountability) would vary according to your needs.

Step 1: Understand

Understanding the purpose of your business.

Here we will support you in connecting to the why behind your brand. We take the time to understand who your brand is for and where it's uniquely positioned in the market in order to identify your competitive edge.

Step 2: Integrate

Integrating your newly defined purpose into a viable business model and a strong brand voice.

We will focus on how to link your brand’s purpose to its structure. Together we will co-create a detailed business map and brand identity; from its name to messaging to your brand's value chain, giving you a well thought out starting foundation.

Step 3: Formulate

Formulating your purpose-driven business model and brand identity into a detailed strategy.

We will co-create a plan outlining defined targets and timelines which identify what needs to happen next. This will communicated in your very own Cosie Purpose  Pack. Your brand is now ready for launch — that’s one more brand grounded in purpose ready to be discovered by its community.