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Sustainable Brand Review

As new knowledge is uncovered every day and best practices shift from there, it’s essential that all businesses and brands acting in the sustainability space are consistently reviewing their vision and practice.

We’re here to guide you through a thorough process to understand your current brand vision and sustainability status, and how this could be tweaked, improved and elevated. You’ll emerge with clarity on your brand’s position and everything you need to move forward with confidence.


We’ll survey your current brand and sustainability status, understanding what works, what doesn’t, and where there might be room for improvement. Together we’ll clarify and bolster your strategy, and define a clear way forward.


- Existing business or brand owners with sustainability already part of your concept or strategy, and feeling it needs a review.

- Wanting to elevate your sustainability efforts with best practices and updated insights and data.

- Wanting to get clarity on your sustainability strategy and brand values.


With new environmental data emerging daily, it’s essential that we regularly review our strategies to ensure we are working to best practices, seizing positive opportunities, and assessing our blind spots.

This is a huge step towards ensuring the health and longevity of a sustainable brand.

It was great working with Cosie Studio. Tammy was a pleasure to work with and guided us in bringing out our ideas and plans in a structured way, while helping us make sense of what we wish to do, how to communicate it and where to focus. Her skills in design thinking, strategising and brand ideation are extremely valuable for any company or organisation wanting to take things to the next level
CEO, Academy of Givers
Louisa Attard
I honestly love working with Tammy! From diving deep -having personal chats where one opens up during dream mapping sessions- to setting intentions and building a whole professional business canvas. Tammy creates this unique, safe space where magic happens. I leave every session motivated and energised!
Founder of Hajja
Creative, caring, innovative and passionate are a few words to describe Tammy and the work she produces. She guided me from the ground up and helped establish my brand - bringing out my best potential while nurturing my vision. She continues to educate me & guide me through the world of sustainability in business in an easy and effective way to understand. The love and care Tammy puts into her work reflects her as a person. She is a dedicated brand developer and a continuous mentor.
Founder of Alaria
Rebecca Pisani